We believe that an informed and educated patient is able to participate in a shared decision making process regarding the treatment so at every step an attempt is made to inform and educate our patient about their symptoms and treatment. Whole treatment plan is explained to the patient prior to the treatment. We adopt an exercise based treatment approach combined with advice regarding posture and healthcare. Our physiotherapists have considerable expertise in the management of all acute and chronic problems and may supplement the exercise based treatment with other electrotherapeutic modalities.

Our main focus is to give quality treatment. We never compromise with our quality. All treatments are carried out by experienced and enthusiastic physiotherapists. Our motto is to make you fit in shortest possible time.


    1. Spine Manual Therapy
    2. Osteopathic, Chiropractic Manipulation
    3. Disc Decompression & its Rehabilitation
    4. All Peripheral Joints Manipulation
    5. Spinal Cord Injury & its Rehabilitation
    6. Spinal Scoliosis & its Rehabilitation
    7. All Taping Techniques
    8. Dry Needling Therapy
    9. Neuro – Developmental Therapy (NDT)
    10. Varicose Veins Rehabilitation
    11. Diabetic Neuropathy
    12. Postural Correction & Ergonomics
    13. Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation
    14. Stroke Rehabilitation
    15. Cranial Osteopathy
    16. All Neurological Conditions